Ten Out of Ten  - Meg Cabot After reading "Seventh Heaven" I resolved to put a lid on ploughing through Princess Mia's diary which had become extremely difficult to bear. Those little faults of Mia that made her so endearing in the first volumes wore my nerves thin when they became more and more pronounced instead of maturing off. In addition there was all this worrying about staying a virgin until graduation and finding out whether Michael loved her or loved her not - and what about his virginity... Now I was given volume 10. And I thought: well, mightn't it be nice to know the end of all the struggle. So I skipped volume 8 and 9 (which has proven to be a good idea: I missed two years of depression, therapist sessions, novel writing, I-hate-Mia-Campaigns made by Lilly and smooching the horrible aristocracy leech Jean-Paul Abernathy IV) and got to read a highly predictable, only moderately annoying, but rather satisfying end of the series.