Tattoo - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Feels like the "travelling pants" as fairy-induced world-savers ... Hmm. I've almost reached the middle. The four girls are very different from each other, That might be nice - but maybe they are too obviously stereotypical: The sensible genius (professor's daughter), the cute and misbehaving tomboy (motherless), the big-breasted and confident girly-girl (mall-addict and fashion-expert) and the normal girl-next-door (narrator, unsure, secretly in love, fiercely loved by her friends). The plot is not boring (A gypsy in the mall sells a set of temporary tattoos that trigger supernatural powers) and the style not unbearable. Am I too old for this? I don't know. I'll read on and find out, if I like it or not. But I'll also kick the follow-up out of my wish-list, pronto. *** Conclusion (April 07th): Definitely not my piece of cake. The girls always kept finding out things that were already crystal clear to the reader: "That boy didn't just die. He was murdered. Maybe even by the evil fairy. We have to think about it!" It was as annoying as seeing a film with the audio track running seconds behind.