The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson How much human tissue do you need to be still human?
In my opinion this is a truly great young adult science fiction book. California sometime in the near future. Jenna Fox awakes from a coma. Her memory of her own past is triggered by a lot of video discs - and has been uploaded into the billions of her new microcells in the bio gel of which her body now illegally consists; thanks to her parents who are big fishes in the medical industry. Laws state that at least 50% of the original brain have to be preserved. With the old memories a lot of questions surface to Jenna's excellently working mind. Is Jenna really Jenna even if her brain weighs only a few ounces or is she something new, something less human? How much did her parents meddle with her mind? They "improved" some bodily functions. Is that really all? Will her grandmother accept her someday? The novel does not give easy answers. It it written from Jenna's point of view. But it gives hope and a lot of anchors to start thinking.