The Girl Who Can Program High School - Robin Brande First of all, thank you, Robin, for providing that Smashwords coupon which enabled me to download you latest short story on my Kindle. Since I love your two YA books Fat Cat and especially Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, I was so very giddy about the opportunity to read some more 'Brande' before Into the Parallel gets released.

But then I have to say that - because of my high expectations probably - I was disappointed, because the short story is really short (I read it cover-to-cover while my train was rolling into it's final stop and this morning. And when the last person was hopping off I activated the snooze-switch of my Kindle and shook my head in confusion.) I do not even want to rate it, because for me there is not much to rate apart from a quite interesting idea, a rushed beginning without many introductions and a few hesitant steps into the direction of a possible plot. In my stubborn opinion a story should have a beginning, a middle part and an ending. Maybe that's why I am lurking around in the Young Adult corner so much, because these hidden-meaning-open-ending modern adult stories do not really reach me.

I guess that readers who like snipped-like SciFi stories set in High School will enjoy Gamemaster. So, by all means go ahead and read it. I will faithfully and impatiently wait for an ISBN of Into the Parallel to be generated so I can pre-order it.