The New Policeman - Kate Thompson Time leaks, lost socks, faeries and sheet music.
Everyone in Kinvara, Ireland, feels that lately time seems to pass more quickly than ever before. Nobody has enough time to have a cup of tea or enjoy a short chat anymore. Because of this 15-year-old JJ Liddy's exhausted mum has just one wish for her birthday: More time. JJ, who is struggling with his own teenage problems (going clubbing with his friends or being labeled weird for playing the fiddle at the traditional dancing feasts at home) is determined to fulfill his mother's wish no matter the cost. A neighbour takes him at his word and shows him a secret gate between his world and the Land of Eternal Youth, where the fae suffer the opposite effect. They started to age since time began to pour in from the human world - along with single socks from human washing machines. Now JJ has to find the time leak in order to save both worlds, which is more difficult than it seems, because in a land without time you tend to forget your worries and the purpose of your actions. You'd rather play the fiddle all day and let your tunes trickle into the ears of human musicians. In the course of the story a lot of Irish traditions, faerie lore (changelings, disappearings, stone circles, music) is explained and on every third or fourth page you find the music sheet of a traditional tune. Clever. I liked the fine blend of mystery, folklore and family story. What the policeman has to do with all of this? You'll find out.