Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta So sad ... I am still stunned. Just as "Saving Francesca" and "Looking for Alibrandi" by Marchetta, this book has made me cry. But additionally it has made me sit in silent stupor on the sofa afterwards, because even the hopeful and positive ending could not erase the enormous sadness the story instilled in me. It is difficult to explain without giving to much away concerning the mystery of Taylor Markham's past which unravels piece by piece. Taylor is a state ward in an Australian boarding school. She was abandoned by her drug-addicted mother at a Seven-Eleven and almost immediately found by a woman named Hannah when she was eleven years old. Before Jellicoe Boarding School Taylor lived with Hannah for a year, who is a counselor at Taylor's dormitory now. As newly elected head of her house Taylor is responsible for the well-being of her house-mates, but also for the traditional territorial wars with the so-called Townies and the Cadets, a bunch of boys from a military school camping in the woods. Taylor's past catches up with her, when she has to negotiate with moody cadet Jonah Griggs. Four years ago she got rather close to him him when she tried to run away to find her mother and he was trying to go back to his family. Taylor still blames him for getting caught, for betraying her. The situation gets even messier, when Hannah suddenly disappears without telling Taylor. Taylor begins to realise how much Hannah means to her and that there might be a connection between the story Hannah has been writing about five kids living on Jellicoe Road twenty years before, Hannah's distance and her own life. The narration alternates between the present told from Taylor's point of view and snippets from Hannah's manuscript. I read and read and felt so sorry for Taylor, for Hannah, for Jonah, for the five friends, for Jessa, the Hermit and other people. Not likely to forget them. No.