The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong This is so good ... and now I am waiting again!
The second part in the "Darkest Powers Trilogy" is basically a road movie. A diverse bunch of naturally supernatural - and genetically altered - kids are running for their lives, because the adults whose guinea-pigs they are, decided to end the experiment and terminate the subjects. The book starts in the middle of the attempted flight and ends with the - temporary - end of it. But, wow what a roller coaster! Although there is danger after danger, ghost after zombie after spell duel, the story remains believable and the characters real: Bickering, bratty witch Tori, puberty-hit werewolf Derek (with acne, anger-issues, wolfish stink, excruciatingly painful and puke-enhanced half-transformations), brave, unsure and compassionate necromancer Chloe and Simon, a diabetic womanizing sorcerer. I especially like the non-perfectness of everybody. For example although the kids decide to call a truce and stop bitching against each other, Tori fails to keep her tongue in check. Although Chloe starts to like Derek more and more for himself as the story progresses and to appreciate her ability to talk freely of her anxieties to him, she still notices his flaws in appearance and is flattered by beautiful Simon's attentive flirtation. Kelley Armstrong really did a wonderful thing, when she decided to go for young adult fiction. I can't wait to read "The Reckoning" next year.