Save the Date - Tamara Summers Teenie-chick-lit with a high fun-factor. The story (High-school-junior and uncomplicated youngest sister in a set of six believes herself to be responsible for a wedding day curse, vows not to bring a date to a wedding again, but falls in love with the her sister's wedding-planners son.) was not that exceptional and the romance part did not reach me very deeply. But I enjoyed the humor a lot. The five elder sisters' very diverse characters are depicted with a hilarious exaggeration and the contrast to sensible Jack (=Jakarta. All the girls are named after cities), who tries to be the child who makes no fuss and but everybody happy, renders them them even funnier.
Also I believe that love interest Leo might be a favorite with younger girls. Imagine a seventeen-year-old guy who has already decided on his wedding day's first-dance-song, has an ability to chose the perfect tiara and pursues the girl of his dreams relentlessly.