Sea Change - Aimee Friedman The story is as mesmerizing and mysterious as the cover
Sixteen-year-old, science-addicted Miranda joins her mother at Selkie Island in order to go through her grandmother Isadora's possessions before the house is being sold. She is a very logical person and smiles with disdain about the legends concerning the island's local people, who are supposed to be merfolk, to love everything gold and red and to have to stay close to the sea. While her mother is resuming old childhood friendships and Miranda is trying to fit in with the teen-aged summer-resident-in-crowd, she falls ins love with Leonmaris Mcleod, who seems to be at the beach at all possible and impossible hours and vanishes into the fog sometimes. Aimee Friedman weaves a wonderful story by using beautiful ingredients: The absolutely romantic love-story, the skillfully doled-out glimpses of Miranda's family's own mysterious history (i.e. Miranda was born with webbed feet and never met her grandmother), the non-revealing of Leonmaris' possible dual nature: Until the last page you contemplate whether this insanely gorgeous guy might really be a merman or whether the golden tail and the hints have just been parts of Miranda's dreams, or are just fantastic byproducts of her infatuation. In other stories a secret is being thrown into the open at some point. Here everything remains unsure, but it adds to the mesmerizing current of the tale.