None But You, (Frederick Wentworth, Captain: Book 1) - Susan Kaye I got somewhat weary of Captain Wentworth's life on board of his ship. None But You is the first half of a retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion. The style is quite good, characters and storyline are close to the original, but told from Captain Wentworth's point of view. Just like Persuasion, the engagement eight years ago is told in contemplating flashbacks. So basically there is nothing to worry about. That is good. But it really takes a long time for the Captain to arrive at Kellynch Hall (parallel to Anne's story). The time gap is filled with life on board of the Laconia, musings and visits to Captain Benwick as the bearer of ill tidings (Fanny's death). Persuasion has me in a grip each time I read it - and I have read it very often. But the Captain's story failed to interest me several times. I skipped passages after a while until he finally met the party at Uppercross. The Musgroves are exactly as expected and Anne is comfortably familiar. So I enjoyed the rather short rest of the book with only a few leaps. I think I can skip the second part entirely without missing anything exciting.