Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt I am definitely going to read more by this author. The story stuck in a pleasant way with me today: I had to rush home after choire practice (skipping the beer afterwards) in order to read the last 50 pages. I am not so sure why am have been so thoroughly sucked in. If it weren't for the switching point of view between hero and heroine (which I love) I might have found Jordan and his quest to score intolerable. But surprisingly I enjoyed reading his parts of the narration as much as hers and I found myself cheering for the teenage womanizer falling in love hard and for real. The missing star (four out of five) derives from the unnescessary zigzag ending. I had the feeling the author did not want the solution to fall into place so easily. So she slowed the pace artificially, which had an unreal flavour, and tinged the story - I don't know - girlishly pink. I felt strongly reminded of the endings in Jane Austen's novels, when all problems - and misunderstandings - are finally sorted during a long walk of a pleading hero and a reluctant heroine.