Bille und Zottel. Alle 13 Einzelbände ungekürzt in einem Band - Tina Caspari I admit: Even I have once been a horsie-book loving girl - although I've never been on top of a horse, pony or mule.

I had all the slim hardcover volumes of the Bille and Zottel series and loved them to pieces - until my sister got the idea to do a horse-obsessed classmate a favour: She handed over my collection and didn't dare to add that it was just for loan. All my screaming and banging my sister's head against the wall of our joined room didn't help my cause. She never had any pocket money left anyway. But approximately five years ago when I was visiting my parents, my father sheepishly presented me with this battered 13-volumes-in-one copy he dug out at a flea market. That had me properly baffled: My childhood banshee outburst must have made a lasting impression on that half of my parents who usually had difficulties remembering which subjects we took in school or which ages we were precisely. Now I am still lacking volume 14 - 17 (18 - 20 had not been published in my days), but they weren't so engaging anyway.