Splitterherz - Bettina Belitz I believe I am the first reader who did not finish this book. Most reviews are full of ecstatic ranting and promises to reread and recommend and wishes for the second volume to be available sooner. I actually reached page 400, but I considered pulling the brakes around page 350 already.

I do not dislike volumous books. On the contrary, when I was younger and my pocket-money tight I used to buy only books starting at a certain thickness to ensure a long-lasting pleasure. Splitterherz is one of those books I would like to edit until it is way slimmer. Repeatedly I felt like a hamster working out in his wheel: I don't know how often phobic, cranky, rude and bitchy heroine Ellie (newbie at a smalltown-school) gets lost in a forest or in a gym, ruins her clothes or shoes on the way, simply faints or just feels the urge to take a nap right now (in the stable although she is afraid of horses, on the bus stop, in the woods, in front of a stream etc.) And I mumbled "Well, here we go. Another pointless stroll." to myself.

The hero, Colin Blackburn, is a Edward-Copy extraordinaire, so Edward-addicts definitely get a fix. It is quite ridiculous. Happy reviewers say the hero is a nice change from the vampiric love-intrest. But what is different is just the species. The rest is a déjà-vu: Colin is a 160 years old nightmare (=no vampire), who got changed when he was 20, but he is extremly polite, considerate and a little old-fashioned. He is supposed to feed on human dreams and emotions (which drains them of their strength and ability to feel), but he feasts on the dreams of animals instead, which is less nourishing, but hurts no one. Certainly this makes Colin a freak among other nightmares. Colin's face and eye color change with the rising and setting sun and with being properly fed. On top of that Colin smells incredibly good because that attracts his prey. And, Bingo, Ellie feels the emotions of other people and cries a lot because of it, which makes her and her tears irresistable to Colin. But gentlemanly Colin acts cold towards Ellie and tries to turn her off, because he does not want to hurt or destroy her. In between he rescues her in the forest (It rains in the middle of Germany, which almost causes Ellie to die in a huge flood. Never heard of something like that).

As one might have guessed, there is Colin's creator Tessa, who wants him back and plans to indulge in a turning spree. This has to cumulate in a showdown (see the "James incident") which I was not interested in enough to read. And there are Ellie's unlikable parents who have nurtured a dangerous secret of their own for 17 years (I hated it how Ellie's mother put her love for her husband above the safety of her kids) and got estranged from their son, which does not seem to trouble them very much.

Other logical holes and conviniences ticked me on top: For example Ellie gets drunk after swallowing one mouthful of beer.

I've put the book up for sale and hope I get rid of it soonish.