Let it Snow - Lauren Myracle, John Green, Maureen Johnson Three snowy stories by different authors melted into a satisfying whole. Yes, I think, I like it! I have finished the first story "Jubilee Line" by Maureen Johnson (great style, by the way. Funny, a little crazy, a little romantic.) and started the second one, "Cheertastic Christmas Miracle" by John Green. After a few pages I thought: "Wait, another Waffle House in the middle of nowhere? These guys know a heartbroken boy named Stuart Weintraub? Ha, this is the protagonist from story one!" The stories are set at the same time: Christmas Eve - meaning, that possibly all three plots are happening simultaneously and touch here and there - although they have been written by different people. I simply love the idea and look forward to find out, who the last main character (story by Lauen Myracle) will be (maybe gentle Jeb with his broken mobile phone lost in a snow storm?) and how things will work out in the Waffle House in Gracetown.

P.S. (2009/03/25): I was right. The third story is about Jeb and Addie and contains an end that ties all loose strands. I liked the first story best, though.

P.S. (2010/12/04): I had a perfect snuggle-up time rereading "Let it Snow" with snow falling gracefully outside. I will reread it again some future winter. A teacup pig belongs into the category "pets-that-even-Olivia-finds-somewhat-cute" which contains squirrels and seahorses and cats when they are youngish.