Die Wolke - Gudrun Pausewang One of the most shocking stories I've ever read. Because the scenario is so real and so possible.

The two most horrible scenes are when the heroine has to bury her brother on the roadside and when mass panic errupts at the train station and she involuntary lets go of the little kids she was supposed to supervise while their mother tried to barter for tickets. You know that they are lost and will get trampled. I cannot imagine any realistic book that has effected me in the same way. I never, ever want to read it again, but everybody, who is living in a country that uses nuclear power plants should.

I just thought about this book when I was watching the news feeds about the nuclear fall-out on Honshu, Japan, this morning and the too tiny circle they are evacuating in the vincinity of the burst reactor.

For those, who like comics better: Last year a Manga version of this story was published by Tokyopop Germany: [b:Die Wolke: Comic|9228580|Die Wolke Comic|Gudrun Pausewang|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41dbtnPq45L._SL75_.jpg|14108691].