Paranormalcy  - Kiersten White I was skeptical after I read a ton of reviews and saw that Becca Fitzpatrick recommended it (very bad sign in my opinion), but I decided not to cancel my pre-order and have a go. Now I have to say: I really liked the book. And I liked the heroine and her love-interest (I mention only one, because that manipulative control-freak behavior of RetCh, the conscience-free faerie, cannot be counted as love-triangle worthy. He just used her loneliness and her craving of any kind of physical contact to reach his goal. There is really NOTHING to recommend or excuse him apart from good looks. So don't try to convince me of the opposite. Aprilynne Pike wrote in her blurb "...One won Evie's heart and the other won mine." I enjoyed Mrs. Pikes debut well enough to rate it three stars, but after this disclosure of her bad taste in evil guys I will be very wary of books to come).

After reading her story I can even understand Evie's girlish preference for pink, sparkling clothes and tasers and her motivation to give her Taser and her knife pet names: Since she turned eight she has been living underground, held like a dumb princess in an ivory tower, fed with only the information necessary to tag and bag random paranormals for the International Paranormal Containment Agency that is her "home" and shamelessly uses her unique gift of seeing beyond every kind of magic glamour. All her confidants are grown-ups. She is home-schooled by a permanently depressed female werewolf and High-School is something that happens on TV. If you were Evie, would you not jump at every possibility to shop with your otherwise business-like guardian for some ultra-girlish clothes, which resemble the stuff the actors on your favorite Teen TV Drama "Easton Heights" flaunt? Would you not try to be a little normal, to be a teenager? Evie does not own rhine-stone-studded hand-bags because she never leaves the Center outside of a mission. So she compensates by decorating her weapon and giving it a silly name.

Apart from the difference in age and that unhealthy degree of helpers syndrom Rachel Morgan has, Evie's personality reminded me a lot of this favorite urban fantasy heroine of mine. I don't excactly know why. But she was not at all how I had imagined her to be.

What I also liked were the various commonly known paranormal lores (faerie, vampire, werewolf, mermaid, elementals ...), their adaption and their integration into the book's world-building. Nicely done. I think I will pickup the sequel "Supernaturally", when it comes out in paperback.