Nevermore - Kelly Creagh

***4.5 stars.***  I hope I'll take the time to elaborate later. It was a great, thrilling story with some great and lovable characters, but it had some unnecessary lengths and some points that bugged me.

And when I compare it to Brenna Yovanoff's The Replacement, which I have rated four stars going on five as well, I have to say that I think although the romance is done better in Nevermore, the writing style / language is more beautiful / better crafted in The Replacement and also the scenes and the characters of the horror parts where eerier, more unsettling, in my opinion more imaginable, vivid. I found myself repeatedly skipping passages in Nevermore - partly driven by the urge to know what would happen, partly because they failed to install the pictures quickly enough in my head. I think if a scene description is truly well done, it keeps you glued to each and every word regardless of the danger lying ahead.

And ... I do not mind hints at sequels and some unresolved aspects, but I do not like having only half a story in my hands. Some solution should be given. That's my opinion.