In Over Her Head - Judi Fennell Oh my Goodness, this mercreature romance with the tasteless cover I generously planned to overlook is so not my book. I can tell just after having been introduced to the two main characters:

- The water-fearing, whiny and naive daughter of a marina owner Erica, who has to learn the hard way that her ex-boyfriend really wasn't one of the good guys, when he forces her to dive for some criminally acquired diamonds, which he had hidden in her Grandpa's urn of ashes (which are now at the bottom of the sea), by shoving a mini-gun up her nostrils.
- The merman prince with a human-girl-fixation and legs, who engages in guy conversations with his best friend Chum, a fish - Ariel, meet your male counterpart -, and bad-joke-enriched, gang-like territory fights with Vincent, the menacing, mean and well-worded shark with a taste for human sushi. Prince Reel knows human words like "Sweetheart", but he has not payed attention during anatomy class. He does not speak of breasts or boobs or tits. No. He gets excited over a fine pair of "shell-fillers" instead.

I got out of that pool before I drowned in unbelievability. Since that critical point had been reached almost immediately after testing the waters, I decided not to rate my reading experience.

I should have read the first chapter before ordering a used copy, but I never learn.