Im Herzen die Rache (Fury, #1) - Elizabeth  Miles, Birgit Salzmann I had just unwrapped the Spring Catalogue of the German publisher Loewe, when I fell fast and hard in love with the cover of “Im Herzen die Rache“. It might easily become my favorite cover of 2013.

I couldn't recollect the author's name at all. So I made the trip to the Goodreads database to unearth the original title - wondering how on earth I could have missed something so beautiful and alluring.

Well. Maybe you can imagine that deflating moment of utter disappointment: The low average rating, the undecided description (Is it horror, thriller, pseudo-realistic, mean bitches being bored, Greek-myth-hype-paranormal-off-the-rack-ware that is offered to us or just a story about someone who mistrusts her hairdresser ...?) paired with calm, level-headed, believable reviews that uncover the written mess in all its glory ...

I am devastated. How can Loewe dangle such a pretty package so seductively in front of my eyes, when all that is to be had is a 'Mogelpackung'?

*utters a Miles long sigh*