Als die Tiger noch Pfeife rauchten - Willi Glassauer I don't know. Usually I am enchanted by everything fairytalish and wacky. The crazier the idea or the more far-fetched the setting, the louder my cheer. But this half-modern, half-traditional fairytale did not move or delight me in the least:

An evil dragon king, who eats his seven dwarfish cooks for breakfast and has a human daughter, who loves the kingdom's pop-idol, a penguin singer/entertainer, who sings songs that criticise the royal rule and thus gets arrested by the king's robots. The princess persuades her witch-aunt, who lives in Berlin-Grünewald and loves finnish Vodka, to disable the prison's security by feeding virus-salamanders into the system, gets the roboters a stocking-knitting job and serves her unsuspecting father a magic pudding, which turns him into something small and harmless. Duh.

I think there are too many aspects that would only appeal to adults and too few elements that could turn the story into something that has sarcastic bite or creative brilliance. The pictures are nicely done, but the plot sounds like something I could have jumbled together after two glasses of wine and a bucket full of giggles.