Pride & Prejudice: A BabyLit Board Book (English and English Edition) - Jennifer Adams

Well ... apart from the fact that a bored and bright kid can have an awesome time with every thing that offers colorful illustrations (from food wrappings to street signs) I think that "Little Miss Austen" is one of the worst counting books I've come across.

It comes highly recommended as a baby shower present for Darcy-crazy young mums. And since I love my Austen novels a lot, I thought I had to see for myself how the book, that claims to introduce the classic lovestory to the youngest of all readerships, manages to 'tell' the story in 22 pages. I have to admit I overlooked the 'counting primer' inscription on the cover, when I stumbled across the publisher's site. Still, even when I held the book in my hands and noticed the fine print I was intrigued.

But ... do you want to know what superduper interesting things the book counts together with darling Baby Fitzwilliam? Horses (great!), Rich Gentlemen (well, okay ...), Sisters (alright ...), but Marriage Proposals? 1000-Pound-Notes (10 altogether)?

Probably you hand over the great idea to the austenish Mummy if you buy this book for her newborn. You show her that you are aware of her obsession, that you are a observant girl-friend. I would rather buy something that will appeal to Mini-Bingley a few months later and promise his mother to find time for a video marathon or a joined re-read when he is asleep fondly drooling on 'Bobo Siebenschläfer'.

Here are a few sample pages to give you an idea.